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The operator behind the call sign, Dec. 2013




  xyl with our 1st grandson Clemens

  2nd operator Paul reporting for duty...


The QTH, front side and garden side, still with the GP on the balcony - meantime the car is different.


My best friend (and brother I never had,) Paul Zrobok G0UZP, sadly SK on 06.10.11 - left: operating at GB2CHC in the APT train at Crewe in 2010, right: operating as DL/G0UZP (/P-garden) at my QTH in 2007:


Samples of QSL cards used in the past


as CT1AJW in Oporto 1982; the punched tapes on the wall were the "macros" for

the rtty machine; transceiver was the HW101, 2nd rx a Collins 51S, the paddle an ETM4.

Here our younger daughter Claudia (4y, now mother of 2nd grandson Paul) typing on the Siemens T68d in 1982 bought as surplus from German Postal Services, with kind assistance of  Mrs. v. Rundstedt at Siemens Hamburg.



During my active army service in the Federal German Bundeswehr Signals I took very few pictures only, in the barracks and during winter exercises in Lueneburg Heath, featuring the M-113 ATV signals version; I do not regret one single day of my service although - climbing the ladder - at the end I did very little radio but a lot of red tape; my gratitude and respect go to some  staff officers who had survived WW2 and taught me most valuable things which helped me a lot through my later professional civil life.

1964 - that "comrade" was my driver,  Cpl. Braun; it shows our M-113 with fully mounted GP on the 10m mast. It served various rigs, e.g. GRC-9, the PRC series and so on. I am using the same material still today, as surplus equipment.

1966 - my command post, mast and RTTY truck not visible,,

the standard GRC-9 transceiver for CW and AM,

 1964 - on duty inside the M113 (signals version)

my Signal's platoon rounding up for bivouak in Feb 1966

1966 - myself driving my tank through the mud, to give it a try. Thankfully the MG-42 remained covered most of the time, saving us the hassle of having to clean it.

1966 - eternal mud in Lueneburg Heath on these endless tank  tracks. At the end of the day I looked unrecognizable as the dirt splashed everywhere.

in front of Ju52-3m (Casa, Spanish Air Force);  in 2001 I had the chance to have a passenger flight on this aircraft type of Lufthansa.



a calm Atlantic - MV "UWE KAHRS" - 999 GRT - between 1975/76